Shameer Khader
Shameer Khader
Executive Director

Shameer Khader is an Executive Director of Precision Medicine and Computational Biology at Sanofi, Cambridge MA. He leads a global team that leverages trans-disciplinary (biomedical, healthcare, and clinical) big data and machine intelligence approaches to accelerate drug discovery, development and repurposing. He has more than a decade of experience building and leading bioinformatics and data science in academia and industry. Prior to Sanofi, he was Senior Director of Machine Learning Research at AstraZeneca, USA and lead precision medicine and data science teams at leading health systems (Mayo Clinic, Mount Sinai and Northwell Health) and healthcare technology companies (Philips).

He obtained his PhD in computational biology from the National Center for Biological Sciences in India and completed his MPH from Imperial College, London. He completed his post-doctoral training in computation genomics and precision medicine at the Mayo Clinic. His contributions to biomedicine using applied machine intelligence includes more than 130 peer-reviewed research papers and conference abstracts.

Multiple national and international media outlets featured his work on healthcare data science, bioinformatics, drug discovery, and precision medicine, including Forbes, Fast Company, Bloomberg News, and Times of India. He received multiple awards for his research contributions; His work on developing an open catalog of drug repositioning has won the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics’ Bioinformatics Resource Innovation Award in 2017. Recently, he was recognized as one of the 100 Artificial Intelligence Leaders in Drug Discovery & Healthcare (DKI Global and Forbes). He gave a TEDx Talk on Saving Lives Using Biomedical Data Science.